My Minimalist Apartment That Fits In My Minimalist Budget 

March 27, 2017

I recently downsized to a minimalist apartment to fit my Minimalist budget.  I had been thinking about downsizing for a while so I can speed up my debt payment and finally took the leap.  There are definitely some drawbacks to downsizing but I think overall it’s working for me.  The biggest drawback for me is security.  The security of the bigger buildings I’ve lived in has always been great.  My last building was on the third floor and you couldn’t access it without a key fab.  It also had a security screen so you could see on video who was at your front door before you let them up.   Fast forward to my new place and the front door leads to OUTSIDE!  Maybe I’m just paranoid and have never lived in a house before, but it freaks me out that my door literally leads outside and there is no barrier between me and burglars … The door is also mostly glass so if someone where to break a pane they could easily just reach in and turn the padlock.  To help myself sleep at night, I splurged on a wireless security system through SimpliSafe which to my excitement is endorsed by DAVE RAMSEY!! I actually had no idea until after I had purchased it.

Other drawbacks include no dishwasher so I have to … God forbid … wash my dishes by hand!!  I haven’t had to do this since I moved out of my parents house in 2006, so its been a blast from the past.  I also don’t have laundry available so to the laundromat I go!  Oh, and lastly, no air conditioning!  It’s a small space so I’m fine using a window unit, like most of the other people who live in this city, because its winter 8/12 months of the year.

To me all of the things I’m lacking at my new place are well worth what I’m getting in return.  I’m saving $600 a month!! That’s boosting my debt repayment like crazy!!  The process of downsizing has also been really fulfilling.  It’s just nice not to feel like I have a lot of excess in my life.  It’s also kind of interesting when I hear people’s reactions.  I feel like I’m definitely being WEIRD!  While all of my friends are upgrading apartments, I’m moving somewhere I would have lived in college.  I’m having a true Dave Ramsey moment and living like no one else now, so I can live like no one else later! I would love to hear your stories about downsizing to pay off debt or just downsizing in general!

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      1. Thank you! It’s funny how quickly you realize you only need a small space to live comfortably.

    1. Good for you for making the choice to downsize and embrace frugality! Less space and less stuff just means more money in your pocket and less time spent maintaining a big space anyway. I’m excited to follow along your journey 🙂

      1. Thank you so much! I’m excited to follow your journey as well! It definitely is one of the best decisions I’ve made and I hope it works out.

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