Mid-Month Budget Update

March 19, 2017

It’s only the 19th of the month but so far I’ve paid off:

  • $1,438 of Invisalign debt
  • $1,700 of student loan debt

For a total of  $3,138 in debt gone!!  I’m leaving the IRS debt alone right now while I try to fight it.  I’m wishing and praying I can get it resolved so I don’t have to pay anything which could speed up my student loan payoff by almost 6 months.  I did have a little in savings I used to kick start things.  This is also my first month paying rent at a cheaper place which let me throw some extra at that Invisalign.

I’m hoping to pay off the remaining debt on my Invisalign with my next paycheck which is $1,187.  So currently my debt stands at

Invisalign – $1,187

Student Loans – $130,162

TOTAL: $131,349

How is your debt payoff going this month??  I feel broke AF but those numbers going down make it suck less.

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