How To Fight Frugal Fatigue 

April 27, 2017

When frugal fatigue hits it can devastate even the most motivated of pdebt slayers.  I’ve been through this stage many times during my journey.  You’re tired of being the one that always feels behind financially.  You feel like you’re treading water and starting to drown.  It’s a horrible feeling when you’ve been pushing for so long and progress just doesn’t seem to come quickly enough.

I’m facing my own frugal fatigue this month.  It’s been one thing after another and I feel like I’m making zero progress on my debts.  It’s a constant struggle not to succumb to those around you who are extending their debt out for 30 years and buying new houses and cars.  I know in my heart this is the path I should be on, but it can be really demotivating when another bill comes out of nowhere you have to add to your debt snowball.  So how do you do to stay motivated and move past setbacks?

Write Down Why You Started 

I have a list I keep with me that has all the reasons I started my debt free journey.  The people I know who are buying the nice cars and houses are signing their name to the debt slavery I don’t want to be a part of.  When I feel like I’m not making any progress I go back to my list and look at the reasons why I’m doing this.

I had a conversation with a friend last night and he told me he finally paid off his last debt obligation and was officially debt free. I read debt free stories every day online but there was something different about hearing it in a normal conversation with someone outside of the blogging community.  I was excited because it made me feel like I’m not the only once I know who is trying to break the cycle of debt and live a debt free lifestyle in my day-to-day life.

Calculate Your Potential

When I’m feeling down about my journey I go to and use the student loan calculator.  I calculate the amount of interest I would pay over the life of my 10 year loan or even my loan at 25 years.  I did that yesterday and reminded myself that over 25 years I would pay $264,000 on my loan that’s now $129,000!

I can’t take the interest paid deduction so that money is practically being thrown out the window.  I would be paying the cost of a home in interest!  If that doesn’t stop you in your tracks nothing will.

Reach Out To Your Community 

When motivation is lacking don’t be afraid or ashamed to reach out to the blogging community.  This is where most of us gain our momentum.  I don’t know a single person I’ve interacted with online that wouldn’t give you a motivational shout when you reach out and say you’re feeling fatigued about your journey.  Everyone in this community wants you to succeed because it’s motivating for the greater good.  I love reading debt free stories and most of them include stories about how taxing it can be.  Dave Ramsey always asks those on his show what the hardest part about debt payoff is and many say the length of time it takes.  This is not an overnight process.  For many of us it will be years before we get out of debt but you have to keep going.

Add It To Your Snowball And Move On

It’s a terrible feeling when another bill shows up in the mail.  I’m facing that now with a tax bill from the IRS I thought I could fight and win.  Now I have to add $9,000 to my snowball and slow down my payoff massively.  Setbacks try you as a person.  It’s extremely difficult to tack another year on to your debt payoff but one more year v. multiple years if you extend your payoff to the “normal” amount is still coming out on top.  It’s hard, sometimes impossibly hard but you have to stay strong and keep your head in the game.

How do you stay motivated to get out of debt when you’re fatigued?

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    1. Good post.

      I have a list of all the ways I’ve saved money: healthclub, insurance, cell phone etc…
      And I keep it by my checkbook.

      1. That’s a great way to remind yourself every time you’re about to spend money!

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